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  • admin 20:52 on 11/09/2018  

    SEATTLE – There are two ways to view the smartphone Amazon introduced to the world on Wednesday: It’s either the latest in a long line of phones with fancy features many people will never use or a magic wand for shopaholics.

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    The phone’s most significant feature, called “Firefly,” employs audio and object recognition technology to identify products and present the user with ways to purchase the items through Amazon. Users can simply snap a photo of a book, for instance, and Firefly will offer up its title and author, give more information about it and provide ways to buy it through Amazon with a single click.

    Seven years after Apple’s iPhone took over the category, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos believes there is room in the market for something different. Even with the dominant leads that Apple and Samsung hold, Bezos told The Associated Press in an interview, “it’s still early” in the wireless device business.

    People change phones all the time, he said. It’s not about taking market share right away, but making a phone that is ideal for a certain customer and hoping it takes hold.

    “We wanted to make a device that’s great for one person,” Bezos said. “It’s like a certain person likes chocolate and another person likes vanilla. The customer can choose.”

    While the new Fire Phone comes with some features that are practically industry standard — like a slim profile, a sturdy glass touchscreen, minimalist buttons and one camera for facing toward and away from the user— it breaks new ground in other areas.

    The phone’s Firefly object recognition feature can identify items and product names captured with the device’s camera. It can also pull in useful information such as phone numbers, website addresses. The company has catalogued more than a hundred million items that Firefly can recognize and has tweaked the technology to recognize words and characters in a variety of real-life situations.

    Another feature, called “dynamic perspective,” uses four infrared, front-facing cameras that tell the phone where the user’s face and eyes are located. The feature adjusts the user interface so that tilting the screen relative to the viewer’s face can toggle through screens, scroll through websites, make online video game characters fly up or down, and render buildings and other custom-made art in 3-D.

    The entry-level Fire phone costs $199 with a two-year AT&T contract, which places it at the high end of smartphone pricing. But the phone comes with 32 gigabytes of memory, double the standard 16 GB. It also comes with 12 months of Amazon Prime, the company’s free shipping, video, music and book subscription plan, which normally costs $99 a year.

    “This is a very aggressive price point for a premium phone,” Bezos said.

    The new device fits with Amazon’s broader aim to create a more efficient shopping experience while steering more consumers to its retail products.

    “It goes back to the mission of Amazon, which is to sell you stuff,” said Ramon Llamas of the research firm IDC. “It reduces the number of steps it takes to buy things on the phone.”

    Fire also comes with a 4.7-inch screen, suitable for using with one hand, and earbuds with flat cords and magnets that are designed to eliminate tangles.

    Persuading consumers to buy the Fire over an iPhone or Samsung phone will be tough, analysts say, particularly because Amazon isn’t offering price breaks the way it has with Kindle tablets. And sophisticated technology such as 3-D will appeal primarily to early adopters of technology.

    “The technology’s cool, but consumers don’t buy technology,” said Julie Ask, an analyst at Forrester Research. “We buy solutions. We buy services. We pay for things that make our lives easier.”

    Charles Golvin, founder of Abelian Research, believes the phone will appeal mostly to people who already use Amazon services heavily.

    “Any loyalist of iPhones or Google is going to have to judge whether there’s enough value in what Amazon is offering with Fire to make the transition,” he said.

    Samsung and Apple dominate worldwide smartphone sales with a combined 46 per cent share, according to IDC. And in the U.S., Apple leads with more than 37 per cent, with Samsung at nearly 29 per cent.

    Amazon could succeed even if it doesn’t steal market share from the top phone makers. Michael Scanlon, managing director with John Hancock Asset Management, said success will be measured by whether Amazon can increase loyalty among its Amazon Prime members and get them to boost purchases.

    Amazon is giving Fire owners a free year of membership, which normally costs $99, and existing subscribers an extra 12 months of membership. Prime offers free two-day shipping, encouraging impulse purchases. It also offers free access to some movies, TV shows, music and books and could encourage consumers to buy additional content, once they are used to the offerings.

    Meanwhile, Firefly could encourage more purchases. The feature lets you snap bar codes, phone numbers and more. It can even direct you to facts and data, such as a Wikipedia entry with information about a painting you snapped. It listens to songs, TV shows and movies and can pull up extra info like lyrics, actor bios and other information through its IMDb database.

    The phone will be available July 25 in the U.S. exclusively through AT&T. People were able to start ordering it Wednesday.


    Anick Jesdanun reported from New York.

    ©2014The Canadian Press

  • admin 20:52 on 11/09/2018  

    FARMINGTON, Utah — A Utah teenager pleaded guilty Wednesday to two counts of murder, acknowledging that he intentionally and knowingly stabbed his two younger brothers to death last year.

    The 16-year-old agreed to the first half of the plea deal Wednesday in a juvenile court in Farmington, Utah, as his parents sat in the front row. His father wiped tears from his eyes while his mother sat in silence.

    The teen, whose name The Associated Press is not revealing because of his age, remained serious throughout the proceeding. He did not cry as he repeatedly told the judge he understood the parameters of the deal.

    The agreement calls for him to serve time for one count of murder in juvenile detention until he turns 21. At that time, he’ll be transferred into the adult court system and serve a sentence of 15 years to life in adult jail. He’ll be in adult court later Wednesday to formally accept that part of the deal.

    The teen did not say anything about what happened, but his attorney, Todd Utzinger, said the boy is sorry for what he did. The teen decided to take the deal in part to avoid putting his parents through a trial, Utzinger said.

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    The agreement brings resolution to a case that sent shockwaves through the middle-class subdivision where the family lives in West Point, a city of 9,800 about 25 miles north of Salt Lake City.

    The teen’s younger brothers, 4 and 10, were found dead in May 2013 when his mother returned home from taking another sibling to a dance recital. At first, the older brother was thought to be a third victim because he was missing from the crime scene, but police found him hours later with traces of blood on him.

    Authorities said they believed stabbings were an unplanned attack.

    In signing off on the deal, juvenile court Judge Janice Frost said the agreement adequately balances public safety needs while giving the teen access to treatment and rehabilitation services in juvenile court that he needs.

    Frost implored the teen to take advantage of treatment he’ll receive in juvenile detention and the opportunity to finish his high school degree. She said it’s clear he needs guidance and direction he would not receive in adult prison.

    Frost told him multiple times that how he behaves in juvenile detention will impact how long he spends in state adult prison.

    “You can’t make up for what happened. But you can commit to doing better and being better,” Frost said. “It’s a sad thing that happened, but you can move forward from this. I hope you can take advantage of your opportunity.”

    Outside court, Utzinger said sending the teen first to juvenile detention gives him a real chance at rehabbing. He did not discuss what issues he’s dealing with or the motive of the killings.

    “It would be inhumane for any 16-year-old child to go straight to the prison without first having an opportunity for treatment and rehabilitation,” Utzinger said. “That’s what we’re trying to accomplish.”


    ©2014The Canadian Press

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    WATCH ABOVE: Police are investigating a fatal hit-and-run accident on Queen Mary in Cote-des-Neiges, just a few feet away from Snowdon metro. Rachel Lau reports.

    MONTREAL – Police are investigating a fatal hit-and-run accident on Queen Mary in Cote-des-Neiges, just a few feet away from Snowdon metro.

    The accident occurred near the corner of Westbury Avenue at about 10:40 p.m.

    Police are investigating a fatal hit-and-run accident on Queen Mary in Cote-des-Neiges, just a few feet away from Snowdon metro on June 17, 2014.

    Yannick Gadbois/Global News

    “Investigators are on site now to try and get some info from people around,” said Jean-Pierre Brabant, a spokesperson with the Montreal police.

    “They’re going to be looking at video surveillance this morning to get more information on the vehicle.”

    The 70-year-old woman was transported to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

    Police are investigating a fatal hit-and-run accident on Queen Mary in Cote-des-Neiges, just a few feet away from Snowdon metro on June 17, 2014.

    Noemie Cabana/Global News

    According to police, the driver got out of the car, looked around for a few moments and then got back in the vehicle and drove away.

    “We’re looking at an SUV that could be dark or black,” said Brabant.

    “That’s the only information we have, according to witnesses, so that’s why we’re looking for the help of the population.”

    According to Albert Barchichit, a close family friend, the woman was a Dollard-des-Ormeaux native.

    “She was here two weeks ago, you know?” he said.

    “It’s too bad when you know the people, it’s very bad?”

    Police are investigating a fatal hit-and-run accident on Queen Mary in Cote-des-Neiges, just a few feet away from Snowdon metro on June 17, 2014.

    Noemie Cabana/Global News

    He said that she was eating dinner nearby and was probably on her way home when she was hit.

    “I know her family very well. I have to call them,” he said.

    “This lady, her husband passed away two years ago.”

    Police are asking anyone with information to contact them at 9-1-1 or Info-Crime at 514 393 1133.

    Police are investigating a fatal hit-and-run accident on Queen Mary in Cote-des-Neiges, just a few feet away from Snowdon metro on June 17, 2014.

    Noemie Cabana/Global News

    Watch: Raw video from the scene of the accident in Cote-des-Neiges

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  • admin 19:07 on 29/05/2019  

    MONTREAL – A man arrested this week in connection with the alleged $22.5 million fraud involving the awarding of Montreal’s English superhospital contract is proclaiming his innocence.

    St-Clair Martin Armitage issued a statement on Wednesday, saying he’s saddened by the allegations of fraud and will vigorously defend himself.

    Anti-corruption police in Quebec arrested Armitage on Tuesday at the airport in Montreal upon his arrival from England.

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    • Anti-corruption police nab Montreal hospital contract fraud suspect at airport

    • Montreal superhospital contract under corruption inquiry microscope

    • Winning superhospital bid announced internally before made official

    READ MORE: Anti-corruption police nab Montreal hospital contract fraud suspect at airport

    The British national had been sought by the unit, known as UPAC, since May 8 in connection with the awarding of the contract to build the $1.3 billion McGill University Health Centre.

    The lucrative contract, finalized in 2010, is the subject of an alleged fraud where ex-SNC-Lavalin executives are accused of funnelling money to former McGill hospital officials Arthur Porter and Yanai Elbaz in exchange for the contract.

    Armitage is facing charges similar to the others accused – conspiracy to commit fraud, fraud and breach of trust – and was freed on bail late Wednesday.

    ©2014The Canadian Press

  • admin 19:07 on 29/05/2019  

    ABOVE: The boom in the rat population around the Burrard Street Bridge is being blamed on the compost bins. Rumina Daya reports.

    Thanks to some community garden compost bins, a Vancouver YMCA daycare could use the services of the legendary rat-catcher, the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

    The Little Beach YMCA Child Care, which is located just off Beach Avenue and Burrard Street, had to shut down their outdoor playground due to a rat infestation.

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    According to YMCA communications manager Kelly Walker, the rat infestation was discovered near compost bins installed near a community garden on Thursday night.

    Walker says they notified the City of Vancouver and closed the playground since the rats posed a health and safety issue for their preschool program participants.

    The city responded first on Friday and then on Tuesday, by sending a crew and pest control team to the clean up the site, remove the bins, exterminate and set traps.

    But as of today, there are still dozens of rats hanging around the area. The daycare has now been closed for four days.

    Albert Shamessm, director of waste management for the city,  says they will be sending out another crew later today to clean the site again and fully exterminate the area.

    “I think it’s more of an aesthetic risk than it is a health risk,” he said. “I think there could be a risk of the kids getting bitten so I think it’s prudent for the Y to keep the kids away but we’re not at risk of any disease transmission from my understanding from Vancouver Coastal Health.”

  • admin 19:07 on 29/05/2019  

    TORONTO – A man and his mother died after he tried to retrieve his wife’s cellphone from a cesspool in China last month.

    According to the South China Morning Post, the man jumped into an open-pit toilet after his wife dropped her brand new phone in it.

    He quickly lost consciousness from the fumes and his mother jumped in to help.

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    When she fainted, the wife went in and soon all three were lying unconscious in the knee-deep waste.

    READ MORE: One dead, one in hospital, one missing after trying to retrieve cellphone near river

    The man’s father called for neighbours to help before jumping in and getting stuck himself.

    Two neighbours who entered the pit to help also fainted.

    “The smell was too strong. I lost consciousness before I could see anything,” a neighbour told the South China Morning Post.

    The six people were eventually pulled out of the pit when locals found a rope to use.

    Neighbours say that everyone had a pulse when they were pulled out of the pit and that it took over an hour for an ambulance to arrive.

    The man and his mother died in hospital.

    READ MORE: 7 people die after climbing down well in Cambodia to retrieve 75 cents

    A doctor at the hospital told the South China Morning Post that the victims suffocated.

    The wife and a neighbour were put in intensive care and the father suffered injuries.

    The phone was worth an estimated 2,000-yuan (CDN$348).

  • admin 19:07 on 29/05/2019  

    CALGARY- The fallout continues over the Drop-In Centre’s plan to open a building in northeast Calgary, with the organization now defending itself over an alleged breach of contract.

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    • Drop-In Centre pushes ahead with Quality Inn renovation despite concerns

      More debate expected at Quality Inn affordable housing meeting Tuesday

    Officials deny they haven’t met the conditions of the provincial grant that would provide more than $5 million for its new project to turn the Quality Inn into housing. Stipulations included that there had to be sufficient community consultation, which area residents say hasn’t happened.

    “It’s our understanding that we are compliant, and that we have met the terms of the grant,” says Debbie Newman from the Drop-In Centre. “I have not received a phone call, and as I understand it’s in the hands of the minister.”

    The province’s municipal affairs department says it’s rescinding the grant, claiming the organization changed the original plan. However, the Drop-in Centre says its requested and received a written exemption on consultation from someone in the ministry two years ago.

    “…there will be no issue with this, in fact I just signed off on another project, where all we are doing is a MOU between the Proponent and the Province which commits to you working with your neighbours, in lieu of consultation,” the e-mail from the assistant deputy minister of municipal affairs reads. “This sounds like a great opportunity so good luck.”

    Based on that exchange, the Drop-In Centre purchased the Quality Inn, paying more than $8 million for the property.

    Municipal Affairs Minister Greg Weadick says he is reviewing the file, and will have a detailed response later this week.

    City planners still have to approve their development permit application.

  • admin 19:07 on 29/05/2019  

    CALGARY- Monique Beaumont has lived along the banks of the Elbow River her entire life, and says she’s seen enough to not be worried about this year’s flood season.

    “This is actually in my opinion pretty low, so I’m not at all worried,” she says, surveying the rising water. “Because I’ve had 50 years of watching the river level, I know to sort of look and know what’s standard. But I wish it would stop raining.”

    Silt still covers her yard, after nine feet of water invaded her home during the June 2013 floods.

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    “I think we’re all a little more nervous than we need to be, but it’s a 100 per cent chance every year. So it’s a gamble.”

    While water levels throughout the city appear to have peaked, experts continue to keep a close watch.

    “It looks like this system has chose to slip south, but we’re well aware of weather patterns this close to the mountains, and it very well could slip to the north,” explains Rick Valdarchi from water resources.

    With memories of last year’s flood still fresh, the acting director of the Calgary Emergency Management Agency says it’s no wonder Calgarians are on edge.

    “There’s a certain psychological aspect to experiencing the flood, and we understand that people are very concerned,” says Tom Sampson. “I think we need to run with the experts, and they are telling us at this point in time water is not going to be at levels we cannot manage.”

    Officials are now turning their attention to other communities that may be in need.

    “We believe Calgary at this point in time is in good shape, and we’re looking now to help others who have helped us in previous years.”

  • admin 02:33 on 29/04/2019  

    Dozens of Yaletown residents came together for a community BBQ this afternoon to honour a local business owner and well respected member of the community.

    Attendees wore yellow ribbons to show their support of 52-year-old bike shop owner Paul Dragan, who was shot in broad daylight in front of a Starbucks on Davie Street and Marinaside Crescent last Tuesday.

    Story continues below

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    Event organizer Annette O’Shea with the Yaletown Business Improvement Association says their community was left ‘wounded and hurting’ by the incident.

    She says their tight-knit community has been shaken and needs to feel grounded again.

    “You hurt one member of our community, everybody else is a little bit hurt as well,” she says.

    O’Shea says a number of residents who were in the area Tuesday morning rushed to Dragan’s help in the moments after the shooting.

    Among them — Dr. Clifford Chase, who works at the Aquarius Medical Clinic.

    He was near the scene when the shooting happened.

    Chase kept Dragan’s airway open and helped put in an IV when the paramedics arrived.

    Today, Dragan’s son Maximilian told Global News his father owes his life to Chase.

    “I’d like to extend my gratitude to Dr. Chase for saving my daddy’s life,” he said.

    Maximilian says his father is doing much better and is a bit more stable now.

    “I am proud to say that he is with us today and alive.”

    Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu also dropped by to sign the giant get-well card for Dragan.

    It is alleged the suspect — 61-year-old Gerald Battersby who is a former employee of Dragan  — fired shots at a number of police officers during a shootout near Science World that followed Dragan’s shooting in Yaletown.

    One officer received minor injuries from shattered glass when her police cruiser was shot at.

    “Vancouver is a safe city, but unfortunately these incidents do happen,” says Chu. “What we have seen today is the community saying we are still going to enjoy our city.”

    Battersby has been charged with six counts of attempted murder, one for the attempted murder of Dragan and five counts of attempted murder in relation to police officers involved.

    His court date has been put over until Monday as he is expected to remain in hospital until at least the end of this week.

    With files from John Daly

  • admin 02:33 on 29/04/2019  

    Watch Richard Dagenais’ interview with Victoria Duffield about her new album “Accelerate”. 

    MONTREAL – A dancer, singer and actor, this multi-talented British Columbia native and teen sensation is an artistic powerhouse.

    Here are 5 things you may not have known about Canada’s sweetheart Victoria Duffield.

    1. She really loves movie theatre popcorn

    Really loves it!

    So much so that she will walk into a theatre, get the popcorn and walk away. Who needs to watch a movie anyways?

    She also indulges in cinnamon buns and yogurt ice cream… “My favourite flavour is cake batter!”

    Taken from Duffield’s Instagram.

    2. Her favourite Montreal moment: performing at the Bell Centre

    “My Montreal fans are phenomenal and their support is always unbelievably awesome,” she said.

    “This show in particular had amazing energy and love from the crowd!”

    Get to know you: a glimpse of Duffield’s answers.

    3. Her hidden talent is walking on her hands

    “And for a very long time,” added her enthusiastic mother Charlene Duffield, who Victoria calls her “best travel buddy.”

    Watch Victoria show off her talent:

    4. Cats and pigeons make her nervous

    “They’re so unpredictable!” explained the pop star with a wide-eyed expression.

    Cats aren’t Victoria Duffield’s best friends.

    5. She collects socks

    She’s got about a hundred pairs of them, all in different and fun patterns.

    “She’s the Imelda Marcos of socks,” said her Warner Music label rep Donald Robins.

    Victoria Duffield at the 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards. When not decked out in spectacular footwear, she can be seen wearing her favourite teddy bear socks.

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  • admin 02:33 on 29/04/2019  

    MONTREAL — The jury in the Emma Czornobaj trial has been deliberating since Tuesday afternoon and there is still no verdict.

    On Wednesday, the jury asked a number of questions to Justice Eliane Perreault.

    The ten-man, two-woman panel requested clarifications on a number of key issues surrounding the case.

    In one question read to the court, the jurors asked the judge to explain the criminal negligence causing death charge.

    This is one of four criminal charges that the 25-year-old is facing, which include two counts of criminal negligence causing death and two counts of dangerous driving causing death.

    The Chateauguay resident is accused of causing two highway deaths on June 27, 2010 along a stretch of Highway 30 near Candiac.

    Watch: Driver takes stand at duck death trial

    Story continues below

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    • Duckling-motorcycle deaths trial: victims’ family speaks out

    Czornobaj slammed her brakes on the left lane of the roadway, and stepped out of her parked car in order to help some ducks.

    It was then that 50-year-old Andre Roy and his 16-year-old daughter Jessie Roy were killed.

    The Harley-Davidson motorcycle the victims were riding on crashed into the back of Czornobaj’s car at more than 100 kilometres an hour.

    The boyfriend of the accused driver got into a little hot water Wednesday afternoon.

    Jean-Pierre St-Onge allegedly snapped a picture of crown prosecutor Annie-Claude Chasse in the court hallways.

    Chasse reported the incident to the court.

    St-Onge was later forced to apologize for his alleged act.

    Day three of jury deliberations is set to begin Thursday morning at the Montreal courthouse.

  • admin 02:33 on 29/04/2019  

    WATCH: Liberal MLA Amrik Virk is facing calls to step down. Aaron McArthur reports.

    VICTORIA – British Columbia’s Opposition New Democrats are calling on Premier Christy Clark to boot her minister of advanced education from cabinet after a report concluded he served on a university board of directors that knowingly broke government disclosure rules.

    The premier, however, says Advanced Education Minister Amrik Virk is staying put.

    Story continues below

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    “Amrik Virk has taken responsibility for how compensation was disclosed at Kwantlen Polytechnic University three years ago,” said a statement issued by Clark Wednesday.

    “He’s committed to making sure the rules and the intent of rules are followed. I have spoken to him and have absolute confidence in him and his ability to serve as minister of advanced education.”

    The Finance Ministry report issued a day earlier found Virk and the rest of the board at the Vancouver-area Kwantlen Polytechnic University failed to meet government disclosure requirements by topping up salaries of senior executives to sweeten job offers.

    NDP Leader John Horgan said the report should either prompt Virk’s resignation or firing, since Virk is now in charge of post-secondary education in the province.

    “Mr. Virk has had a day to reflect upon that (report) and still remains in his mind the minister responsible,” said Horgan. “More troubling is the premier has had a day to reflect on that and has not sought his resignation.”

    The report investigated Kwantlen hiring practices dating back at least three years for a university vice-president and president, at a time when Virk, a former Mountie, was a volunteer board member.

    The report found Kwantlen offered former vice president Anne Lavack a $50,000 pre-employment contract without the board’s knowledge, but in 2012 knowingly approved a similar $50,000 pre-employment offer to current university president Alan Davis.

    “Mr. Virk has clearly demonstrated that he doesn’t believe that the rules are there to be followed,” Horgan said. “He is now in a position to ensure that other people follow those rules. That strikes me at a minimum to be a conflict of interest.”

    When the report was released, Finance Minister Mike de Jong said the findings were troubling and Virk’s actions while on the board were not acceptable, but he did not call for anyone involved, including Virk, to be punished.

    Instead, de Jong said the report recommended government employment bureaucrats at the Post-Secondary Employers’ Association and the Public Sector Employer’s Council and staff within the Advanced Education Ministry conduct mandatory one-day disclosure and reporting sessions every year for executives handling employment issues.

    The report also recommended board members at post-secondary institutions be made aware of their responsibilities and obligations when it comes transparency in disclosing compensation agreements.

    On Wednesday, Virk repeated that he was humbled by the report’s findings and could have done a better job, but will not resign.

    “It’s clear that at the time as a board member, I could have done better,” said Virk. “There were failures. I was part of that board at that time.”

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  • admin 17:00 on 29/03/2019  

    TORONTO – A University of Toronto student has been detained in Tajikistan, accused of spying.

    Alexander Sodiqov, a PhD student at the University of Toronto, was arrested and accused of “subversion and espionage” on behalf of a foreign country, according to a report on Eurasianet杭州夜网.

    The website reports the charge was linked to an email Sodiqov he allegedly sent June 10, though it’s unclear how authorities got the email or to whom it was addressed.

    Story continues below

    HangZhou Night Net

    John Heathershaw, Sodiqov’s supervisor at the University of Exeter, issued a statement June 16 claiming Sodiqov was detained while conducting an interview with someone in Khorog, Tajikistan according to Eurasianet.

    “It is now almost 20 hours since we have heard from Alexander Sodiqov who was apparently arrested while conducting research in Tajikistan. We do not know if he has been released or remains detained,” the statement read.  “He is a citizen of Tajikistan who is a PhD student at the University of Toronto and ordinarily resident in Canada.”

    Sodiqov has reportedly not had contact with his lawyer, colleagues or family since his detention June 14.

    Sodiqov was in Tajikistan as part of a research project with the University of Exeter entitled “Rising Powers and Conflict Management in Central Asia.”

    The project, according to the University’s website, aims to explain the “reasons for and the consequences of the failure of Western approaches to conflict management to gain traction in post-Soviet Central Asia.”

    Sodiqov was active online, writing regularly about Tajikistan politics on Global Voices. His two most recent posts on the website are about a man being arrested for insulting the Tajik president on Facebook and a longer story about the mayor of Dushanbe, Tajikistan banning rap and rock music, claiming the music doesn’t conform to the “national culture.”

    The University of Toronto issued a statement urging Tajikistan authorities to respect student’s rights; academics have been tweeting with the hashtag #FreeAlexSodiqov.

    And dozens of academics, including several from Canadian universities, issued a statement Wednesday saying they’re “deeply concerned” for Sodiqov.

    “As scholars of Central Asian affairs, we are deeply concerned about the safety of Mr. Sodiqov and his family and strongly encourage the authorities in Tajikistan to ensure the full protection of Mr. Sodiqov’s and his family’s rights,” the statement reads.

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