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  • admin 18:38 on 29/06/2019  

    UPDATE AT 5:45 P.M. MT: Calgary Police have confirmed to Global News that they have taken one man into custody in connection with the attack.

    CALGARY- Police appear to be closing in on a suspect, following a frightening sexual assault in Canyon Meadows over the weekend.

    A woman was stalked after getting off a bus in southwest Calgary late Sunday night, then attacked as she walked along a pathway.

    Earlier this week the Calgary Police service released surveillance video and photos of a man they want to speak with in connection to the attack, and now believe they know who he is.

    However, as he is under age 18, his identity is protected under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, meaning the images can no longer be shown. It’s believed he is still on the loose and police are trying to track him down.

    Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact police.

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      Canyon Meadows sex assault

    • Police investigate Canyon Meadows sexual assault

      Sex assault suspect believed to be a young offender

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    Watch the video above: Cancelled surgeries at RUH in Saskatoon push wait times back

    SASKATOON – Power is on again at Royal University Hospital; however, officials say the site does not have a back-up power system for key areas in the event of another failure.

    In total, 37 surgeries were postponed on Tuesday and Wednesday after a piece of electrical equipment failed unexpectedly.

    On Tuesday night, power was restored to medical systems and adequate airflow registered in operating rooms at the Saskatoon hospital.

    Story continues below

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    • Surgeries cancelled at Royal University Hospital for a second day

    • Power disruption causes surgery cancellations at RUH

    With all services returning to normal on Thursday, the health region will move ahead with all scheduled surgeries.

    Patients who has surgeries cancelled are said to have been contacted directly by their surgeon’s office and will be penciled back in the schedule.

    “I think it will be over the week or a little bit more so we’ve scheduled a few patients into the next two days and we’re looking at next week,” said Jackie Mann, Saskatoon Health Region’s vice president of integrated health services.

    The goal – to have surgeries scheduled as soon as possible.

    “There’s a number of things that go into this right from the availability of the patient, to the entire team, some of the surgeries require more than one surgeon so we just have to really look at how can we move things around to make sure we can get these people in,” said Mann.

    The postponed procedures included heart and brain surgery, which can only be done at RUH.

    Officials say two operating rooms were available for emergency surgeries both days, with one surgery performed.

    Contingency plans were in place to ensure that systems without emergency backup power did not pose a risk.

    “The example of what actually did happen two nights ago demonstrates that we’ve got the ability to respond and have some mitigation plans in place when things do fail,” said Nilesh Kavia, SHR’s VP of finance and corporate services.

    The root cause of the distribution panel failure is still unknown and occurred during a planned power shutdown.

    The cost of the disruption is yet to be calculated.

    “Our infrastructure is a key concern for us. The project that we were working through is one of a multiple step process for us to resolve the infrastructure issues particularly related to electricity and we want to get to a stage where we have a comprehensive failure safe situation at RUH,” said Kavia.

    Officials say it could take some time to get there, but this was one of the initial steps to help get to a sustainable state.

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  • admin 18:38 on 29/06/2019  

    CALGARY- Those in the market for a new home are being warned to anticipate some extra paperwork.

    As of July 1, anyone using a realtor to search for homes will have to sign a written contract outlining responsibilities, a timeline and who pays fees.

    The hope is it will help eliminate any confusion caused by verbal agreements.

    Story continues below

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    “Nothing is changing at all in terms of the relationship and how it’s been working. It’s just that we feel as a regulator it’s important to put some of these elements in writing so that both parties understand,” explains Kevin Clark from the Real Estate Council of Alberta.

    “The gap between expectations and reality is always a concern.”

    Homebuyer Lisa Davidson recently signed an agreement with her realtor, Sharon Murphy, and says it helped her know what to expect.

    “It really helps you as a buyer figure out what you really want, and I think that’s important because you may think there are things that are really important to you, but when you actually sit down and write it out everyone knows.”

    “It’s going to make us more effective at our job, because we’re going to know right from the beginning what our clients are looking for,” Murphy adds.

    She thinks it will also help eliminate ‘window shopping’, which is when someone uses a realtor to see homes, then buys it with the assistance of a different agent.

    The new contracts are negotiable, and already in use in provinces such as B.C., Ontario and Quebec.

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  • admin 18:38 on 29/06/2019  

    MONTREAL – Akshay Grover has been running since he was eight years old, and even sold old video games to buy himself a treadmill when he was just 12. Now, at 16, when asked to come up with a project as part of the International Baccalaureate he is completing in high school, Grover is taking things one step further.

    This summer, Grover will be running from Montreal to Toronto to raise funds for Childhood Cancer Canada, an organization which helps the 10,000 children living with cancer in the country.

    Story continues below

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    “I can do something that I love while helping others,” said Grover.

    “I can use that to help those in need,” he added. Grover has been training three to five times a week since last August – rain or shine.

    “He inspires all of us,” said his former teacher and project adviser, Vanessa Amar. “I’m training now so that I can maybe start him on his run.”

    “He’s motivating everybody at all the grade levels; he’s in the 10th grade and he’s got 11th graders behind him and their parents are calling and wanting to sponsor him,” said Amar.

    Though his mother, Sabrina Kandola, was initially worried about the safety of her son running along the highway, she will be with him every step of the way.

    “I wasn’t going to be that mother that was going to stop my child from having this great ambition,” she said.

    Grover will be completing the 550 kilometre journey in just two weeks, running the equivalent of a marathon a day. To those who have told him he may not make it, Grover has a simple answer.

    “You’ve got to believe in yourself,” he said, “even if others don’t believe in you.”

    “You have to know that it’s going to take time and determination and hard work. And you have to put in the time and effort,” he said.

    “I’m so very proud of him because he’s going to be touching so many people’s lives, as well as other peers,” said his mother. “If other teenagers can be busy at home and focusing on a dream like this, I can’t even imagine what the world would be.”

    Grover’s adventure will begin August 1. By then, he hopes to have raised $10,000. Donations can be made here.

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  • admin 18:38 on 29/06/2019  

    WATCH: Chilean fans storm media room in attempt to get into Spain-Chile match

    Chile’s soccer team has an ardent fan base.

    That fact revealed itself again Wednesday in the lead up to the team’s Group B match against Spain when about 100 supporters invaded the media room at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

    Dozens of Chilean fans can be seen storming the media lounge while a surprised press corps immediately begins filming the melee with phones and cameras.

    Story continues below

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    • Chile dumps Australia 3-1 in Group B action

    • World Cup: Spain’s dominant era ends as defending champs bow out

    The fracas was an apparent — and it seems successful — attempt to gain access to the match, which Chile went on to win 2-0, eliminating the defending champions from the 2014 tournament.

    READ MORE: Spain’s dominant era ends as defending champs fall to Chile

    In the lead up to the tournament, Chile got an inspiring boost from the ‘Los 33,’ the group of surviving miners who spent 69 days trapped underground in 2010 before being rescued.

    The group appeared on Chilean TV ads in a moving commercial for one of the country’s banks.

    The ad, which shows the men standing arm in arm urging their side on, appears to have motivated more than just the team.

    WATCH: Chile mining disaster survivors cheer on World Cup team in ad

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