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  • admin 13:15 on 29/09/2019  

    Marvin Card has called the quiet southern Alberta community of Cardston home for the last several years. But on Wednesday morning he received a surprising knock on his front door.

    “I received a knock at the door and the RCMP and Disaster Services were coming around saying those that are close to the river are asked to prepare for evacuations,” said Card.

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    He was shocked to look outside and see a full-size tree with all of it’s leaves floating down the river. Officials told him his town of Cardston was put into a state of emergency due to the rising water levels of Lee Creek.

    He was then told his hometown of Cardston was put into a state of emergency due to the rising waters in Lee Creek. Card decided to stay put at home but told Global News he will watch the creek closely in the water reaches a more dangerous level.

    The creek peaked just after 4 a.m. Wednesday. Residents in the community say water levels rose very quickly. Most residents we spoke with say they’re not as concerned as they were last year because flood levels were much higher.

    “It does make me very nervous when the water starts getting up the creek like that. thats a real concern,” said local resident Joyce Johnson

    Johnson witnessed just how quickly the water levels increased. She lives close to the water’s edge and said her driveway was covered in water in a very short period of time.

    “When it started to come up on to this road and up towards our driveway then it gets really deep. You couldn’t get a vehicle out of here. The RCMP were concerned about that last night.”

    Resident we spoke to told us they have emergency kits prepared in case rain continues to fall and they are forced to leave their homes. Officials said the state of emergency will remain in place while they continue to monitor the weather situation in the area.

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  • admin 13:15 on 29/09/2019  

    CALGARY- As the swollen Oldman River continues to wreak havoc in Lethbridge County, officials say the silver lining is that there is little risk of seeing historic flows.

    “This is good news, the river is not as strong as first predicted,” says Lethbridge Fire Chief Brian Cornforth. “Levels will continue to decrease as rainfall dissipates in the area.”

    Original forecasts predicted the Oldman River would flow at 4,500 cubic metres per second, but that has since been revised to just 1,800.

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    • State of Emergency continues in several southern Alberta communities

    • ‘Twice as much water, twice as much damage’: Claresholm residents hit by more flooding

    • High River not expected to flood, as rainfall warning ends

    • Medicine Hat residents may not need to evacuate homes, as flood fears ease

    However, the County of Lethbridge remains under a Local State of Emergency, with Claresholm seeing extensive damage and the Blood Tribe being evacuated.

    Some 250 homes have been affected, and the flooding has also proven disastrous for those who depend on the land. A number of large feed lot operations are underwater, and huge areas of farmland have been washed out.

    WATCH: Mayor Chris Spearman updates the flood situation

    Coalhurst. Courtesy of Shaunna Zonta.

    Copperwood, in Lethbridge. Courtesy of Sakeah James Kotuah.

    Highway 511. Courtesy of Werner J Dressler.

    Highway 511. Courtesy of Werner J Dressler.

    Taber. Courtesy of John Zacharias.

    Coaldale. Courtesy of Kristen Riemann

    Old Man River. Courtesy of Tori AnnMarie.

    Courtesy: Tori AnnMarie

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  • admin 13:15 on 29/09/2019  

    MANAUS, Brazil – Mario Mandzukic scored two goals Wednesday to keep Croatia in the mix at the World Cup with a 4-0 win over 10-man Cameroon, which will be going home after the group stage.

    Mandzukic, who returned to the team at the Arena da Amazonia after sitting out the opening loss to Brazil through suspension, headed in a corner from Danijel Pranjic in the 61st minute and then knocked in a rebound in the 73rd of the Group A game.

    Ivan Perisic also scored one goal and made another for Ivica Olic.

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    Cameroon was reduced to 10 men after midfielder Alex Song was given a red card for elbowing Mandzukic in the back in an off-the-ball incident in the 40th minute.

    SEE MORE: Complete scores and group standings 

    The team started without the injured Samuel Eto’o, the team’s best player.

    Croatia now has its future in its own hands. If the 1998 World Cup semifinalists beat Mexico on Monday, they will guarantee themselves a spot in the second round. The Mexicans will advance with only a draw.

    Cameroon is out, however, and can only play spoiler in its final match against five-time champion Brazil, also on Monday. If the 1990 World Cup quarterfinalists beat Brazil, the host country could still advance or be forced out of the tournament on goal difference.

    Darijo Srna started the move for the first goal, whipping a cross into the area from the right in the 11th minute. Mandzukic and Nicolas Nkoulou then collided while going for it, but the ball popped loose to Perisic. The Croatia midfielder stepped up and coolly slid the ball into the path of Olic to tap in.

    Perisic did it all himself early in the second half, beating Cameroon defender Dany Nounkeu to a long pass from goalkeeper Charles Itandje and taking it all the way back to where it came from.

    Perisic, with Nounkeu chasing him, ran into the area down the left and gave himself a tough angle before slipping his shot between Itandje and the near post in the 48th.

    Mandzukic was left unmarked to head home Croatia’s third goal and followed up with the simplest of tap-ins when Itandje spilled a shot from Eduardo.

    Cameroon knew it needed points against Croatia, and the team came out fast in an effort to take the early lead. Several dangerous attacks down the right flank caused concern to the Croatia defence early, but none of them materialized into any real danger.

    A few late chances came close, but nothing got past Croatia goalkeeper Stipe Pletikosa.

    The loss of Eto’o, who came to Brazil with a right knee injury, was a blow to the team, however. Although Cameroon still went on the attack even without their best attacker, the finishing class of the former Chelsea and Barcelona striker was missing.

    The loss of Song didn’t help, either.

    The midfielder, well away from the ball, was running back from the Croatia end when he lashed out and elbowed Mandzukic in the back. Referee Pedro Proenca of Portugal immediately pulled out his red card and sent Song off.

    Song is the cousin of Cameroon great Rigobert Song, one of only two players to be sent off at two different World Cups. The other is Zinedine Zidane.

    ©2014The Canadian Press

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  • admin 13:15 on 29/09/2019  

    A high tech Kelowna company is hoping to create more jobs with the development of its newest product.

    Hyper Hippo Productions is a local gaming studio. It recently launched its latest online game and the response has been very good.

    “We have lots of players in Asia, a lot of players in Europe, a lot of players in North America. We have tens of thousands of players all over the world,” says game producer Paul Moore.

    Called “wild warfare”, the online game features armored animals going on a shooting rampage.

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    “Wild warfare is a multi player first person shooter so it pits you and your friends against players all over the world in a match where you duke it out,” says Moore.

    The local gaming studio has developed nearly a dozen games since its inception a year and a half ago. But wild warfare has had the best response so far.

    With that kind of interest in the game, Hyper Hippo says it’s an opportunity to capitalize. It wants to make the game bigger and better with more animation and more characters. That would also create more jobs but to develop the game further, it needs more funding.

    “The game the way it stands now still is in alpha stage. It’s still a prototype so the funding we are looking for will help us push it to next level so we can add more polish to the game and keep expanding features and get it to point where we can put our stamp of approval on it and feel like it is more of a finished product,” says Hyper Hippo’s community manager Ryan Loerke.

    To help raise the funds, the gaming studio has turned to Kickstarter, a crowd funding website that allows people to donate as little as five dollars towards the campaign. Hyper hippo hopes to raise 24-thousand dollars to take the game to the next level and create more jobs.

    “The more successful that our campaign is and the game, the more we will have to expand on it and the more that it will create jobs because as the game grows, we need more designers and artists and quality testers,” says Loerke.

    With the success of studios like Hyper Hippo and Club Penguin which was purchased by Disney several years ago, Kelowna is rapidly becoming a high tech hub. A trend, those in the know say, the city is ready for.

    “People don’t realize how much of a tech presence and how many people in Kelowna have skills as designers, animators, programmers so the people are out there. The more opportunities we can present them, the more we help sustain a viable work place for them,” says Loerke.

    The Kickstarter campaign starts on June 24th and goes for 30 days. Hyper Hippo hopes to raise 24 thousand dollars in that time.

    Once the game is developed further, Hyper Hippo hopes it eventually goes from being a free online game to a paid one.

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  • admin 13:15 on 29/09/2019  

    Thrift shop owners in Chilliwack are looking for the right home for a $5,000 wheelchair.

    John and Bev Hood run StreetHope New & Used and say the wheelchair was donated to them a year and a half ago.

    The Quickie Rhythm electric wheelchair is in excellent condition and would work for someone with limited mobility as it is joystick operated and does not take a lot of muscle strength to use.

    “A wheelchair like this is a special need item. We want it to go to someone who needs it,” says John Hood.

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    Hood say they have given away six mobility scooters in the last two and a half years.

    The first scooter went to a 84-year-old woman who had a hip replacement surgery and suffers from osteoporosis.

    “For her to get out of her house with her walker and go to a corner store, she was exhausted,” says Hood.

    The last scooter was donated last month to a 74-year-old man who lost his leg to diabetes.

    “All he had was a walker. But because of the financial situation, he could not afford to get anything more than that.”

    Still, the Hoods just have not been able to give away the wheelchair.

    The Hoods say they want to give it to someone in real need.

    “Someone who is stuck in the cracks. They don’t have enough money to buy one or the government is not giving them one. It is just to help them regain their autonomy.”

    For more information, go to StreetHope New & Used Facebook page.

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  • admin 18:37 on 30/08/2019  

    Watch above: Manufacturers specializing in energy parts, like pipes and electrical wiring, are expecting a boost in business following the Northern Gateway pipeline announcement. Eric Szeto reports.

    EDMONTON – With the planned Northern Gateway pipeline taking a step forward Tuesday, developer Enbridge isn’t the only firm that stands to benefit.

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    • Northern Gateway a ‘maybe,’ Conservative spokesman says

    • Northern Gateway pipeline: Feds aren’t only ones unsure about approval

    • Government accepts panel’s recommendation to impose 209 conditions on Northern Gateway pipeline

    In industry-heavy Nisku, south of Edmonton, businesses are looking forward to the pipeline’s construction. Nisku houses thousands of businesses and provides work to tens of thousands of workers, serving as a manufacturing hub that supplies pipe and other products needed for oilsands projects.

    Triumph Processing, a small steel processor which only employs 25 people, is expecting to significantly increase that number in the next few years. Some steel processing requires as few as three workers. While the company processes steel for a variety of purposes, oilsands production is its main focus. Triumph President Chris Albert says their automated system is more than ready for the increased demand for steel. In fact, it was made for it.

    “We’ve prepared in advance for any decision that is to be made with Enbridge… Where other companies are looking for 50 or 100 people, we know we can find six or eight and we can support companies like Enbridge to help build pipelines,” says Albert.

    “We’re ready right now. We’ll be ready in a year from now, two years from now. However long it takes for a decision to be made, we are to going to be here, and we are going to be ready to support that.”

    Triumph expects its production to quadruple in coming years as Nisku booms.

    Across town at Alegro Projects, there is an air of cautious optimism. Senior Project Manager Gord Nichol and his team fabricate a variety of pipeline projects, including the pressurized pipes needed for pipelines like Northern Gateway.

    “We do pipeline work here, we do work with Enbridge,” says Nichol.

    “We’re anticipating, whether directly through Enbridge or one of the subcontractors, that we will be getting a piece of that work,” he continues, referring to the Northern Gateway project.

    The question now is whether it’s all just wishful thinking for the businesses of Nisku. Nichol knows that with Ottawa’s political climate and environmental issues, it will be years until Northern Gateway goes ahead, if it goes ahead at all.

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    With files from Eric Szeto, Global News.

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  • admin 18:37 on 30/08/2019  

    EDMONTON – The community of Claresholm is scrambling to deal with a flood residents describe as much worse than the one experienced just one year ago.

    Southeast of Calgary, the rain continues to fall, flooding roads that now look more like lakes and filling basements.

    “I went down, checked the basement and… it was up to the second stair before it came up into the main house,” said Jo-Ann Peach, who lives on the west side of town.

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      Blood Tribe near Lethbridge evacuated as flood threatens homes

    • ‘We believe Calgary…is in good shape’ say officials of flood fears

    • Medicine Hat residents may not need to evacuate homes, as flood fears ease

    Recent rain coupled with a heavy downpour Tuesday night caused Claresholm to declare a local state of emergency around 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

    A voluntary evacuation order is in place, but most residents are staying in their homes.

    FEATURE: Global’s Alberta Flood Watch site

    Many of the roads in town were flooded, and some closed to traffic.

    Crews were quickly dispatched to the area to help homeowners, but there was nothing anyone could do to stop the water.

    “I don’t even know what to think about this,” said Kandice Meister, who moved to Claresholm two months ago with her family.

    “It’s purely amazing, for sure, but it’s still a little devastating. We’re not even fully moved in yet, really.”

    The town experienced flooding in 2005 and again in 2013. But, residents say this year is considerably worse.

    “Twice as much water, twice as much damage,” said Phyllis Faulkner.

    “I have way more water in the backyard now than I ever had.

    “My furnace is done, my hot water tank is done – it’s going to be another $5,000 to put it back in,” said Faulkner.

    Peach is also worried about the damage.

    “[It’s] pretty devastating. I don’t know if the insurance will cover it this year.”

    The town’s mayor says, despite upgrades to the storm drainage system after the 2005 flood, too much rain fell in a short period of time.

    “There comes a time when our sanitary and storm infrastructure just simply can’t handle that amount of rainfall at one time,” explained Rob Steel.

    An evacuation centre has been set up in the town’s arena to assist flooded residents.

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  • admin 18:37 on 30/08/2019  

    KELOWNA, B.C. – Finn Stackhouse is getting a lesson in ‘Activism 101’ as he pounds the pavement with Central Okanagan teachers.

    The 9-year-old student doesn’t have a daycare spot so has to spend the day with his dad’s girlfriend, teacher Hilde Dietzel.

    “We don’t have childcare either, so we’re bringing our kids with us to the picket line,” says Dietzel. “We’re scrambling just like parents are. We are parents.”

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    Stackhouse sympathizes with teachers, “because they have too many people in their class.” He carries his own hand-made sign of support.

    High school students are also at school this week, but only for Provincial exams, deemed an essential service during the strike.

    Feelings ranged from casual to awkward as students crossed picket lines.

    “I wasn’t sure to just ignore them or just say hi,” said one grade 10 KSS student as she left her math exam.

    “I know for our students, it’s unusual to be coming into a school and still seeing, at least in the vicinity, anyways, teachers on a picket line,” says School District #23 Superintendent Hugh Gloster. “I think for the most part students are responding quite well. We typically know which students struggle with anxiety related issues and try to support them as best we can. But it is an unfamiliar situation for many.”

    Teachers hope students feel comfortable approaching them on the picket line and parents are at ease discussing the strike with their children.

    “To try and hide that its happening is going to hide that anxiety inside,” says Karen Bernath, Central Okanagan teacher. “They need to talk them out and have their kids understand as best they can.”

    The Central Okanagan Teachers Association (COTA) has initiated a teacher food drive and hardship fund to assist those on the picket lines, both CUPE and BCTF members, during the strike.

    “Members are donating strike pay,” says Susan Bauhart, COTA President. “There were three days of strike pay. Some are donating just money and some are donating foods items for members to take. There’s no questions asked.”

    Bauhart says news of face to face negotiations with the province are encouraging with hope of finding a resolution quickly.

    Continue reading WATCH: Some B.C. students can’t avoid schools during strike – Okanagan
  • admin 18:37 on 30/08/2019  

    Watch above: The Edmonton Oilers’ captain has been recognized for his leadership and community engagement, winning the King Clancy Memorial trophy.

    EDMONTON – From launching a free community fitness project to becoming the first Edmonton Oiler to march in the city’s Pride Parade, it seems as though Andrew Ference’s contributions to the community haven’t gone unnoticed.

    On Wednesday, the National Hockey League announced the Oilers’ captain is this year’s recipient of the King Clancy Memorial Trophy. The award is given out each year, to the player who “best exemplifies leadership qualities on and off the ice and has made a noteworthy humanitarian contribution in his community.”

    “That’s an extreme honour, without a doubt,” says Ference. “It is important for me to come to my hometown and try to make it as great as I can and I have a very good platform to do that as a hockey player.”

    Since returning to the Capital Region last year, Ference has jumped in head-first, getting involved in several community initiatives.

    He launched the November Project: a free, early-morning fitness class that encourages people to get some exercise and meet new people.

    READ MORE: New Oiler helping Edmontonians get fit

    The Sherwood Park native has also been involved with the Hope Mission Shelter and led the way on a Christmas toy delivery to the Stollery Children’s Hospital.

    Most recently, Ference and his young family marched in Edmonton’s Pride Parade.

    “It means a lot to me to see people be proud of Edmonton and celebrate what’s great about it.”

    READ MORE: Oilers’ captain to make history at Edmonton Pride Parade

    While his calendar might get a little full at times, Ference says he brings his family whenever he can, adding it’s fun to get involved with the community and meet new people.

    “It’s all positive. And I think that when the hockey season’s on there’s definitely priorities to be able to perform and be at my best for that. But there’s no excuse to sit at home and not get involved.

    “The most important thing is not just doing things because they might be expected of you, or because it might look good, but doing them because at the base of you it’s important and they’re things that you really care about.”

    Dedicated to living green, Ference has becoming involved in Edmonton’s ‘Go Green’ initiatives. He also spoke at the ‘Zero 2014’ conference, hosted in partnership by the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation and the City of Edmonton.

    Other recipients of the King Clancy Memorial Trophy include Patrice Bergeron, Daniel Alfredsson, Jarome Iginla and former Oiler Doug Weight.

    Ference will receive the honour at the upcoming 2014 NHL Awards Gala in Las Vegas.

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      Full interview: Andrew Ference speaks about marching in the Edmonton Pride Parade

    • Andrew Ference announced as Oilers captain

      Fitness with Ference

    Continue reading Edmonton Oilers captain Andrew Ference wins NHL award for humanitarian contributions – Edmonton

  • admin 18:37 on 30/08/2019  

    CALGARY- A community near Lethbridge has had to be evacuated, as flood waters creep closer to their homes.

    The Blood Tribe is located southwest of Lethbridge, and became threatened by the rising water on Wednesday afternoon.

    As a result, the following areas have been notified of evacuations:

    Fort Whoop UpLittle ChicagoFish Creek along the river bottomLower Laverne

    A number of roads have also been closed or washed out, including:

    Road to Little Chicago from Highway 505Fish Creek road by Sophie ScoutKainai Industries Road from Highway #2Bull Horn Coulee at Farm FourHealy BridgeLower StandoffLower Laverne (Chiefmoon Valley)Road to Doug Singer

    READ MORE: Several southern Alberta communities declare state of emergency

    Flooding at the Blood Tribe Reserve. Photo taken on June 19, 2014.

    Global News/Sarolta Saskiw

    A swollen river near the Blood Tribe Reserve on Wednesday, June 18th, 2014.

    Global News

    Flooding at the Blood Tribe Reserve. Photo taken on June 19, 2014.

    Global News/Sarolta Saskiw

    Flooding at the Blood Tribe Reserve. Photo taken on June 19, 2014.

    Global News/Sarolta Saskiw

    “I have also been in touch with municipal and First Nations leaders in affected communities to let them know their government is ready to provide immediate support, whenever and wherever needed,” said Premier Dave Hancock, of the flood threat.

    Anyone requiring additional information is asked to call the Flood Reception Centre at 403-737-3868.

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