Chilliwack thrift shop owners are looking for a good home for $5,000 wheelchair – BC

Thrift shop owners in Chilliwack are looking for the right home for a $5,000 wheelchair.

John and Bev Hood run StreetHope New & Used and say the wheelchair was donated to them a year and a half ago.

The Quickie Rhythm electric wheelchair is in excellent condition and would work for someone with limited mobility as it is joystick operated and does not take a lot of muscle strength to use.

“A wheelchair like this is a special need item. We want it to go to someone who needs it,” says John Hood.

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Hood say they have given away six mobility scooters in the last two and a half years.

The first scooter went to a 84-year-old woman who had a hip replacement surgery and suffers from osteoporosis.

“For her to get out of her house with her walker and go to a corner store, she was exhausted,” says Hood.

The last scooter was donated last month to a 74-year-old man who lost his leg to diabetes.

“All he had was a walker. But because of the financial situation, he could not afford to get anything more than that.”

Still, the Hoods just have not been able to give away the wheelchair.

The Hoods say they want to give it to someone in real need.

“Someone who is stuck in the cracks. They don’t have enough money to buy one or the government is not giving them one. It is just to help them regain their autonomy.”

For more information, go to StreetHope New & Used Facebook page.

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