State of emergency remains in Cardston – Lethbridge

Marvin Card has called the quiet southern Alberta community of Cardston home for the last several years. But on Wednesday morning he received a surprising knock on his front door.

“I received a knock at the door and the RCMP and Disaster Services were coming around saying those that are close to the river are asked to prepare for evacuations,” said Card.

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He was shocked to look outside and see a full-size tree with all of it’s leaves floating down the river. Officials told him his town of Cardston was put into a state of emergency due to the rising water levels of Lee Creek.

He was then told his hometown of Cardston was put into a state of emergency due to the rising waters in Lee Creek. Card decided to stay put at home but told Global News he will watch the creek closely in the water reaches a more dangerous level.

The creek peaked just after 4 a.m. Wednesday. Residents in the community say water levels rose very quickly. Most residents we spoke with say they’re not as concerned as they were last year because flood levels were much higher.

“It does make me very nervous when the water starts getting up the creek like that. thats a real concern,” said local resident Joyce Johnson

Johnson witnessed just how quickly the water levels increased. She lives close to the water’s edge and said her driveway was covered in water in a very short period of time.

“When it started to come up on to this road and up towards our driveway then it gets really deep. You couldn’t get a vehicle out of here. The RCMP were concerned about that last night.”

Resident we spoke to told us they have emergency kits prepared in case rain continues to fall and they are forced to leave their homes. Officials said the state of emergency will remain in place while they continue to monitor the weather situation in the area.

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