‘We believe Calgary…is in good shape’ say officials of flood fears – Calgary

CALGARY- Monique Beaumont has lived along the banks of the Elbow River her entire life, and says she’s seen enough to not be worried about this year’s flood season.

“This is actually in my opinion pretty low, so I’m not at all worried,” she says, surveying the rising water. “Because I’ve had 50 years of watching the river level, I know to sort of look and know what’s standard. But I wish it would stop raining.”

Silt still covers her yard, after nine feet of water invaded her home during the June 2013 floods.

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“I think we’re all a little more nervous than we need to be, but it’s a 100 per cent chance every year. So it’s a gamble.”

While water levels throughout the city appear to have peaked, experts continue to keep a close watch.

“It looks like this system has chose to slip south, but we’re well aware of weather patterns this close to the mountains, and it very well could slip to the north,” explains Rick Valdarchi from water resources.

With memories of last year’s flood still fresh, the acting director of the Calgary Emergency Management Agency says it’s no wonder Calgarians are on edge.

“There’s a certain psychological aspect to experiencing the flood, and we understand that people are very concerned,” says Tom Sampson. “I think we need to run with the experts, and they are telling us at this point in time water is not going to be at levels we cannot manage.”

Officials are now turning their attention to other communities that may be in need.

“We believe Calgary at this point in time is in good shape, and we’re looking now to help others who have helped us in previous years.”

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